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What do I receive when I order from

If you are leasing a beat from, you will receive a high quality audio file and the lease contract. The type of audio file will depend on which license you purchased as we offer 3 licenses. Basic, Premium, and Extended Premium. The beat will still be available to other buyers.

I did not receive the email with the download links?

Please make sure to check your Paypal email. Also check your spam folder. The invoice with the download links are sent to the Paypal email.

Will the “Myflowbeats” sound tags be removed?

Yes, the sound tag is used to prevent piracy. Once a beat is bought all “Myflowbeats” sound tags will be removed.

What happens if somebody buys exclusive rights after I bought non-exclusive rights?

Nothing. You would still have the non-exclusive rights to the track. You may use it until the license has reached it’s limit. For example if you purchase a basic lease with a 2,500 distribution limit, you may only sell up to limit. However, you won’t be able to purchase another license nor sell more downloads. This only happens if a buyer purchase the exclusive rights after you.

Can I purchase exclusive rights after I have already bought non-exclusive rights?

Absolutely, just email me at

Can I get a free beat?

No sorry. However, we can send one as a promotional use only. Meaning it will be tagged and only use for non-profit.

When will I receive my beat(s) after purchase?

You will instantly be sent the beat(s) via email. If for some reason you didn’t please contact us.

When do I receive my track out files?

We use to send the download link to your paypal email within 12 hours of your purchase. Please check your paypal email for this link by We are notified once you have downloaded the link.

Is your site safe for shopping?

Yes, Our site uses paypal for all transactions. If you do not have a paypal account, you can still pay by credit card through paypal.

Is there a discount if I am purchasing several beats at one time?

Yes! Please check the home page for discount offers. Offers change from time to time.

Can I sell my beats on your website?

Yes! I am currently looking to add producers to my team. Email me with a link of your hottest beats and a brief introduction about yourself. If I like your style I will get back to you.

I am a dj that wants more exposure. Can I send you my mixes for you to post on your website?

Yes! This is something new myflowbeats is adding. Please send info about yourself and a link to your mixes so that I can hear them to and I will get back to you.

I’m looking for a custom beat to fit my style. How do I go about getting one done?

Simply email us and send as much details about what kind of beat you want us to make. (Ex: style, genre, sounds like, etc) We charge $500 for a custom beat.

What does the custom beat include?

Exclusive license contract | Radio ready to record | track out wav files | Unlimited Distribution | Seller can no longer resell the beat | Still have to give credit to producer & Company | For more details visit our license page.