DJ Master O

IMG_6293-1DJ Master O is a music producer, engineer, and DJ. He produces a variety of music, particularly reggaeton, hip hop, and electronic. Currently the CEO of myflowbeats, he started making beats in 2007 and a couple years later Myflowbeats was born.

A huge music fan throughout his youth he started to learn how to DJ in 1998 at his friend’s house. In 2002 he was able to buy his own DJ equipment and created party mixes for friends and co-workers. After receiving good reviews he decided to sell them worldwide. In 2005, he started selling numerous mixtapes online such as Hot Reggaeton Miami Mix 1, 2 & 3, Reggaeton Party 1 & 2, and Reggaeton Pegandole Duro, selling thousands worldwide. This motivated him to pursue his career in music production. That same year, DJ Master O attended Full Sail University. After graduating in 2007 with an AS in Recording Arts, he started to perfect his beat making and engineer skills. In 2008, he got involved with a duo name El Titi y El Pepillo and started to produce their music.

DJ Master O wanted to grow his own brand and founded Myflowbeats in 2009. This allowed him to land gigs such as creating loops for a company Soundsnap and custom beats for local studios such as First Power Entertainment Group and FON studios.

He continued to explore music production, taking engineer classes and accelerated training courses in Pro Tools 10/11 to become certified in 2014. Over the years he’s continually growing his own brand with a goal in mind to achieve it as a global symbol for high quality production.

Astro Boy

astro_topAstro boy’s beginnings as a producer started in December 2008 where he had to find people to teach him to make tracks. He found a local studio called Jetix composed KLK Productions and Boogie, both taught him and gave him free studio time to work on developing beats. He started to improve and thought he could open his own souncloud with previews of his beats to see if people liked them and to give feedback. In 2010 and he saw that people from all over the world listened to his songs. He started to search for singers to see if he could sell his product. The first song produced was Subela by demo and there continued with Okla and Wesley High with two songs “Solo Inténtalo” and “Ella quiere sex” which was produced in Puerto Rico in underdog studios for Durango. He also produced “arrebatados en mi cama” by Billy Joe and Caleb.

Astro boy was producing a mixtape with nito in 2012 that could not be completed. With songs like Cruel Verdad, Desde Hace Tiempo and Vamonos de Fuga and more others.

Myflowbeats contacted Astro Boy and joined the team at the start of 2012 and still working together for a strong business releationship. With songs like Juan Angel – Junto a ti and Leyenda – Se Siente.

His Dreams : Produce a beat with Luny Tunes , Wisin and Tainy .
Working with Arcangel , De La Ghetto , Daddy Yankee , Wisin Y Yandel.

His beats sound like Luny Tunes, Tainy , Lex Luger The Musicologo , Timbaland , Dr Dre, and many more.